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  1. Great job Derek!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Molly. My post today on Ontario Feed-In Tariff Program was picked up by The Energy Collective and became their top post of the day with 571 views and 18 tweets so far. Quite thrilled.

  3. Excellent blog and easy to understand. A must read for Canadian businesses and leaders on updates to the climate change world.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment, Orlena. Indeed I try to write for business executives rather than environmental professionals. Making things easy to understand is very important to me.

  5. Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Derek,

    Found an article you wrote on Environmental Leader regarding Environmental Disclosure Guidance from the Canadian Securities Administrators. Great article, thanks. I have now found your blog and I look forward to following.

  7. Thanks so much for your kind words, Iain!

  8. Excellent site Derek! I just found it and subscribed. I did notice that there was a menu on the left hand side of the page that had most provinces listed. Any chance you could add Atlantic Provinces or the Maritimes as a choice? We love green too!! :) Thanks!

  9. Hi, Holly. Thanks for your kind words!

    The list you referred to shows the categories of all the posts. The Atlantic and Maritimes provinces are currently missing because, sadly, there are no posts related to them.

    I would ask, Holly, that if you have green stories or insights to share from those provinces, please do let me know as I am always looking for guest bloggers. I am sure many readers would love to hear about them.

    Thanks again! Derek

  10. That IS sad! I will definitely share any stories I come across. Very inspiring website. Thanks so much.

  11. Hi Derek,
    just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I love it!!
    I always find interesting information on matters related to sustainability and carbon management.
    Keep it up!
    Kind regards,

  12. Very glad you like this blog, Elena.

  13. “Fairmont Hotels Save Energy, Costs, and Environment” is a good article, thanks Derek.

  14. Derek,

    I’d like to engage with you on the Coke story. Without trying to be cheeky, the initiatives that Coke is undertaking are not innovative, they are the same ones that many other co’s are doing. And all that they are doing is trying to be “less bad”. How is their new PET bottle, with whatever higher % for recycling … a sustainable product when it is going to be in land fill after 2 or 3 steps!!!

  15. why is it so hard to get a loan for a business which will help save millions of people along the way. it will help our planet by using carbon plastic instead of oil. and clean our indoor air which is causing so many around the world to leave us from terrible disease. why wont the banks loan money to someone who worked 11 years to bring out a great idea? it will be something to help our world and all I hear is how much rev have you got?? if I had rev I would not be willing to put myself in debt to borrow. its sad when we do something so great and work so hard all to help our world but nobody will loan me money to help save their lives and the ones they love.

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