Dec 042013
The Transformational Company: CBSR Summit

The 11th Annual Summit by Canadian Business for Social Responsibility brought together an international panel of leaders to address how corporate social responsibility practitioners can lead their companies onto a transformational path. Keynote speaker John Elkington showed how enterprises can set and achieve bold goals that touch their core business while addressing systemic societal risks and challenges.

Sep 132010
Investors Increasingly Concerned With Climate Change Risks

Would a BP style disaster happen to a company you invest in? That’s a question increasingly asked by Canadian investors. A range of proposals and resolutions has been filed in the past two years by shareholders to management of Canadian companies in various industries. What do shareholders want? How does management respond? What are the trends? Let’s take a look.

May 202010
Sustainability A Top Supply Chain Challenge: Capgemini

Sustainability has become the second top business challenges according to a new survey of Canadian and global supply chain managers by Capgemini Consulting. 56% of companies now consider sustainability a key issue, up sharply from 34% from one year ago. Read this post on the details of the report, the key success factors to sustainable purchasing, and how to apply the 4R approach to reduce supply chain costs.

May 132010
Green To Gold, Part 5: Thirteen Pitfalls Of Environmental Initiatives To Avoid

In this final installment of the series on the book Green To Gold, we will take a look at some real life failures of environmental or climate change initiatives. Check out thirteen pitfalls to avoid and the solutions and tools to address them. We will also take a look at how to divide your action plan into short, medium, and long term actions. Read more in this post.

Mar 312010
Green To Gold, Part 2: Top Ten Challenges, Risks, Opportunities

In the previous post of this series, I provided an overview of the book Green to Gold by Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston, and suggested that it may be one of the best books available if you are looking for practical advice on environmental strategy for your business. In this installment, I will share with you the first and probably most practical and useful takeaway I got from this book. I will introduce [Read more…]