Aug 062010
Fairmont Hotels Save Energy, Costs, and Environment

Canadian luxury hotel giant Fairmont partners with World Wildlife Fund Canada to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. We look at how Fairmont Waterfront, Chateau Lake Louise, Château Laurier, and Château Montebello implement their climate change projects in solar, hydro, wind, lighting retrofit and heat recovery, with project costs between $15,000 to half a million and payback time between 2 to 5 years. Future savings after payback could be very substantial.

Apr 142010
Ontario Feed-In Tariff Program: $8 billion of Deals So Far

Widely covered by the press including the New York Times, Ontario announced the approval of 184 renewable energy projects worth $8 billion under their Feed-In Tariff program. If you operate a business in Ontario, what should you do? In addition to looking at this as an opportunity to make money while being socially responsible, you could also consider it as a chance to diversify your energy mix and reduce your future energy pricing risks. Read more in this post.