Jan 072013
Winning Cleantech by Design

Being able to get across a green product’s essence to consumers and investors is a key that can turn it from a fringe interest to mass market success. Design can connect consumers with a cleantech product’s functions, values, and green character better than words can. This article shows the key role design played in the success of Toyota Prius, Nest thermostat, compact fluorescent lamps and other cleantech products.

Mar 212012
TD Greening from Inside Out

While some ‘green’ businesses do little more than changing light bulbs and focus on greening their reputations, TD Bank take a long term view and green themselves slowly and steadily from the inside out. In this exclusive interview, TD Chief Environmental Officer Karen Clarke-Whistler explains how this long term approach is applied to real estate management and energy conservation.

Dec 022010
Solar System: Performance, Income, Payback Period

Solar and other renewable energy projects are going strong all over Ontario driven by the province’s Feed-In Tariff program. Businesses, communities, and homes are going green and earning income at the same time. As the FIT program passes its one year mark, I look at some of the experiences accrued so far.