Ontario Feed-In Tariff

Dec 022010
Solar System: Performance, Income, Payback Period

Solar and other renewable energy projects are going strong all over Ontario driven by the province’s Feed-In Tariff program. Businesses, communities, and homes are going green and earning income at the same time. As the FIT program passes its one year mark, I look at some of the experiences accrued so far.

Oct 252010
Canada’s Largest Solar Rooftop, Case Study Part Four

The final part of this case study on Canada’s largest solar rooftop focuses on the Ontario Feed-In Tariff program application. We look at how LoyaltyOne got their FIT program approval to become the first solar system to feed electricity into the provincial power grid.

Oct 032010
Capital Favours Sustainable Businesses: Carbon Economy Summit

At the summit in Toronto that drew senior executives from Canada and around the world, one common thread emerged: Capital favours sustainable businesses. Deutsche Bank have more confidence investing in companies that disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. Investors see climate change issues as material to their investment decisions. Accountants see environmental information as an integral part of a company’s full performance picture.

Aug 232010
Canada’s Largest Solar Rooftop, Case Study Part Three

Operational since early 2010, the huge 800-panel solar rooftop system costs $1.85 million to build. The third part of this case study focuses on financial details. We look at the startup costs, operating costs, income from the high profile Ontario Feed-In Tariff program, and most importantly, the projected payback period.