Oct 032010
Capital Favours Sustainable Businesses: Carbon Economy Summit

At the summit in Toronto that drew senior executives from Canada and around the world, one common thread emerged: Capital favours sustainable businesses. Deutsche Bank have more confidence investing in companies that disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. Investors see climate change issues as material to their investment decisions. Accountants see environmental information as an integral part of a company’s full performance picture.

Mar 242010
MaRS Discusses Ontario's Green Energy Act

MaRS posted a video titled What does the Green Energy Act mean for Ontario? in which three people from MaRS discuss their perspectives on the new legislation that passed in 2009. For those not familiar with MaRS, it is a non-profit innovation centre in Toronto, Canada that connects science, technology and social entrepreneurs with business skills, networks and capital. Climate change is one of their areas of focus. Charles Plant is a Managing Director at [Read more…]