Sep 072011
12 Ways To Turn Green Intentions Into Green Actions

82% of consumers have good green intentions, but only 16% are dedicated to fulfilling these intentions, according to an Ogilvy study. This puts 66% in what is called the ‘Middle Green’, a group that is neither active environment crusaders nor anti-greens. How do we turn mainstream consumers’ green intentions into green action?

Jun 072010
Walmart Sustainability Report — Canadian Operation Details

Walmart recently released its 2010 Global Sustainability Report. Being the world’s largest public corporation, Walmart has enormous influence directly and indirectly to businesses around them. Whether your business has direct dealings with Walmart or not, it is worth taking notes on their targets, achievements, and future plans. In this post, I highlight three areas of their Canadian operations: energy efficiency, waste reduction, and packaging reduction. See how Walmart Canada save the environment while saving money.

Apr 112010
Green To Gold, Part 3: Manage Your Stakeholders

In developing climate change initiatives for your Canadian business, it is advisable to take a 360 degree look at your stakeholders and anticipate how they may respond. Five main stakeholder groups are generally applicable to climate change initiatives by Canadian businesses: (1) Consumers & Community, (2) Investors & Risk Assessors, (3) Business Partners & Competitors, (4) Rulemakers & Watchdog, (5) Idea Generators & Opinion Leaders.